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The lost key to immune health.


Years of proprietary research into the role of human milk and its impact on human development led to our groundbreaking discovery of B. infantis EVC001, a natural bacterial strain foundational to infant immune health. Unfortunately, B. infantis had been almost completely eradicated from infants in developed countries due to unintended consequences of modern medicine such as feeding and birthing practices.

Now, there is a way to change that. What we found is that EVC001, our specific strain of B. infantis, is essential in developing a healthy microbiome, reducing potential harmful bacteria that may be linked to prevalent childhood issues such as allergies and type 1 diabetes, moderating inflammation, and supporting healthy immune system function.

We believe the greatest chance to impact future health begins early, right after birth—a once in a lifetime opportunity where rapid development and radical changes occur. By unlocking human nutrition's full potential through introducing beneficial bacteria during early infancy, we can help build a foundation for better health. 

Our Founders


A spin-out from the Foods For Health Institute (FFHI) at the University of California, Davis, we are now a leader aiming to improve individual health through diet and the gut microbiome. Our founding scientists continue to advise and collaborate with us, sharing their experience from more than a decade of research into the infant gut microbiome and its critical interaction with human milk.


Bruce German, PhD

Food Scientist. Distinguished Professor, UC Davis Food Science & Technology


Samara Freeman, PhD

Gastrointestinal Physiologist, Founder & Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs & Intellectual Property


David A. Mills, PhD

Microbiologist, Distinguished Professor, UC Davis Food Science & Technology and Viticulture & Enology


Daniela Barile, PhD

Food Chemist, Professor, UC Davis Food Science & Technology


Carlito Lebrilla, PhD

Analytical Chemist, Distinguished Professor, UC Davis Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Whether babies receive human milk or are mix-fed with formula, our current product portfolio supports babies along their feeding journey, starting with the first feed through their transition away from drinking human milk.

Home Use

Evivo Powder



A daily powder containing B. infantis EVC001, the bacterial strain shown to work with human milk to help establish a healthy gut microbiome, protect from potentially harmful bacteria, and help support immune function.

Hospital Use

Evivo with MCT Oil

evivo-vial-1 Ready-to-use, single serve liquid made specifically for NICU and Labor and Delivery use to help stabilize the infant gut against potential hospital acquired pathogens.

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