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Through our deep scientific understanding of the gut microbiome and nutrition during the earliest stages of life, we uncover bacterial strains foundational to human health. 

Our Scientific Focus



We Target

The once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity

We believe that by focusing our science on the short, but vital, time of rapid immune, cognitive and microbiome development, we can have the greatest opportunity to impact future health. 

We Research

The gut microbiome for good health

How the gut microbiome is established can impact whether a human is prone to good health or disease over the course of their life. Interconnected with the entire body, it exerts powerful influence. 

We Discover

Nature-intended, perfect pacts for human health

Our science aims to uncover natural synergies between bacterial strains and the human diet. Supporting people along their development journey, starting with breast milk, and as they expand into other nutritional sources.

Our Strain


B. infantis EVC001

The powerful single strain that matters for infants.

Our discovery of B. infantis EVC001—a bacterial strain thought to have disappeared from developed countries—proves to be the microbial partner nature intended.  While B. infantis has evolved to uniquely pair with breast milk, only EVC001 is clinically shown to have all the genes required to metabolize the human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk.

Equally important, it contains the functional genes necessary to produce metabolites that positively support healthy immune system function when introduced during this short but critical time. By enabling the delivery of B. infantis EVC001 from birth, we maximize that small but crucial window of opportunity.

The revolutionary natural pact:

breast milk and B. infantis EVC001.


Breast milk feeds the baby—and B. infantis EVC001. Together, they create the system intended to nourish and help protect baby.


B. infantis EVC001 has a powerful synergy with breast milk


The Big Impact
Evidence shows EVC001, our strain of B. infantis, contains all the functional genes necessary to unlock the full power of breast milk by transforming human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) into organic molecules that human cells can absorb, providing more digestible nutrients for newborns. 

The Big Difference
Without B. infantis EVC001, research published in mSphere and Frontiers in Pediatrics show these HMOs, unabsorbed, go into the stool. 

B. infantis EVC001 helps support healthy immune function


The Right Signals
B. infantis EVC001 converts HMOs into key signaling molecules called metabolites. 

For Better Health
Recent research published in Cell, shows these metabolites promote healthy gut function and help program immune cells to be tolerant instead of over reactive. 

Baby with umbilical cord and bacteria collage

B. infantis has almost disappeared in the U.S.


The Big Issue
Research published in Scientific Reports shows B. infantis is missing in more than 90% of infants born in the U.S. where high antibiotic use and modern feeding and birthing practices are prevalent. 

The Health Concern
Countries like the US, with low prevalence of B. infantis, show higher incidences of atopic and autoimmune diseases. While evidence shows populations with higher prevalence of B. infantis have lower incidences for immune-mediated diseases.

Featured Scientific Publications


Bifidobacteria-mediated immune system imprinting early in life
Colonization by B. infantis EVC001 modulates enteric inflammation in exclusively breastfed infants
Metagenomic insights of the infant microbiome community structure and function across multiple sites in the U.S.

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Whether babies receive breast milk or are mix-fed with formula, our current product portfolio supports babies along their feeding journey, starting with the first feed through their transition away from drinking breast milk.

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A daily powder intended for babies fed any amount of breast milk to help establish a protective gut microbiome and support healthy immune function.

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Evivo with MCT Oil

evivo-vial-1 Ready-to-use, single-serve liquid made specifically for use in healthcare settings, clinically shown to help stabilize and protect the infant gut microbiome.

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