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Our breakthrough findings on B. infantis EVC001 and its impacts on infant health have been addressed in notable publications around the world. 

Evolving Into Infinant Health

We are pleased to announce that our company has changed its name from Evolve Biosystems to Infinant Health™—a life sciences company. Rest assured, our flagship product, Evivo, will not be changing. Neither will our focus on infant health, as we continue to improve gut health and support healthy immune system function.

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Last Participant Enrolled in Study of Infant Microbiome and Immune Health

Prospective study designed to assess the immunological effect of a specific B. infantis strain on the incidence of atopic dermatitis, one of the most prevalent pediatric allergic diseases.  

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Infinant Health Announces Mike Johnson as Chief Executive Officer

Former Infinant Health, Inc Board Member Mike Johnson will lead the company as it continues to spearhead innovative advancements in science surrounding infant health 

Infinant Health and Connected World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA) Announce Global Strategic Partnership

Together, CWWDA and Infinant Health will demonstrate the power of promoting health care from birth, rather than disease care later.

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Infinant Health Announces Collaboration with Janssen to Study the Impact of B. infantis EVC001 in the Reduction of Atopic Dermatitis

Study aims to investigate whether infant probiotic Evivo can reduce development of early childhood atopic dermatitis. 

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New study reports reductions in diaper rash and colic as well as improvement in sleep in infants following supplementation with the specific gut bacterium activated B. infantis EVC001

Researchers in Beneficial Microbes reported that three common infant health issues associated with Newborn Gut Deficiency were reduced or eliminated altogether within days of introducing a key beneficial gut bacterium.

Journal of Pets
Adding a Single Key Gut Bacterium, B. infantis EVC001 to Human Milk Feeding Protocols May Help in the Managed Care of Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Study Published in Journal of Pediatrics Discusses Potential for Improved Clinical Care Associated with Administration of B. infantis EVC001 in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

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