Evivo® meets the highest standards for purity and quality


Evivo Infant Probiotic contains only high-quality ingredients from reputable sources. Each lot is manufactured in the U.S. and passes multiple tests for quality, safety, and viability. Evivo has earned "Clean Label Project” and “First 1,000 Day Promise” certifications from the Clean Label Project. 

Stabilizing the neonatal gut with Evivo

Infancy offers a narrow, yet optimal, window of opportunity to help support healthy immune system function. Feeding NICU babies B. infantis EVC001 in Evivo MCT Oil can modulate enteric inflammation by reducing potential gut pathogens and concurrently increasing beneficial  bifidobacteria in the preterm gut. 

Designed for Health. Engineered for Quality.


Evivo MCT oil is a high-quality, convenient oil infant probiotic that comes as single serve, ready-to-use, liquid. This formulation is specifically created for NICU and Labor and Delivery use to help stabilize and protect the infant gut against potential hospital acquired pathogens.  Given once daily through an NG/OG feeding tube to NICU infants, studies show Evivo MCT oil is:  

  • Decreases incidence of antibiotic exposure and diaper dermatitis
  • Allows infants to use the full spectrum of nutrients in human milk HMOs more effectively and efficiently. 1,2
  • Suppresses growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria. 2,3,4
  • Significantly reduces intestinal inflammation.3,5,6

Learn more about implementing Evivo in your NICU

Reach out to schedule a learning session, such as a Lunch/Dinner Program, to learn about the science behind Evivo. 

Patient safety and well-being are our highest priorities

Evivo Infant Probiotic is manufactured using high-quality ingredients in an FDA-compliant, inspected, and regulated setting. Products are further protected by cold chain distribution and stored in a freezer until feeding. 

Evivo products are designated as food for special dietary use by the FDA and are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for infant uses. GRAS means a food product is generally recognized, among qualified experts, to be safe under the conditions of its intended use. 


Evivo is a Safe Choice for Infant Probiotics

The FDA and CDC have weighed in on the importance of limiting the use of powdered products and agree that liquid formulations should be used whenever possible.  When you leverage a powder-based probiotic in your NICU, it produces a probiotic cloud when opened.

This presents a risk of contaminating surfaces and hands of NICU staff and central lines.  The most ideal product for the NICU is a single serving, liquid format and does not require mixing prior to use.

Prioritizing Safety First



Statement of Identity

Evivo MCT Oil’s statement of identity is marked on the label – “infant probiotic”. It was developed to work with human milk in the GI tract.

Clear Instructions

Each vial and package insert has administration instructions clearly labeled in orange writing- “For Enteral or Oral Use” consistent with the orange cap. This labeling ensures that the product is administered safely and correctly.

Orange Cap

Every vial has an orange cap that is indicative of enteral feeding. This helps to ensure that the product is used correctly and reduces the risk of confusion during administration.

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