Unlocking the full potential of human nutrition to support NICU infants


Our deep scientific understanding of the infant gut microbiome and nutrition led to the development of Evivo infant probiotic —containing a powerful ingredient that matters most to newborns: B. infantis EVC001.

Stabilizing the neonatal gut with Evivo


B. infantis EVC001, the proprietary strain in Evivo, when paired with human milk, transforms the preterm infant’s ability to metabolize HMOs. This synergy of Evivo and human milk is essential in supporting the development of a healthy microbiome, supporting immune system development, and moderating inflammation.

Delivering Evivo Infant Probiotic with B. infantis EVC001 helps to maximize protection from within during a vulnerable period of time for patients.  It enables infants to more effectively and efficiently utilize the nutrients found in human milk, supporting their health and development. 

Studies have shown that B. infantis EVC001 is the only strain clinically shown to:

  • Suppressing the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the microbiome
  • Reduce inflammation and restore gut function. 
  • Decrease incidence of antibiotic exposure and diaper dermatitis

Learn more about implementing Evivo in your NICU

Reach out to schedule a learning session, such as a Lunch/Dinner Program, to learn about the science behind Evivo. 

Evivo in the NICU

Evivo Infant Probiotic is an important tool to enhance feeding protocols for all infants. Feeding NICU babies B. infantis EVC001 in Evivo can modulate enteric inflammation by reducing potential gut pathogens and concurrently increasing beneficial bifidobacteria in the preterm gut. 

Given once a day orally or through a feeding tube, Evivo MCT oil has been shown to be well tolerated by preterm infants. By ensuring that your patients are exposed to B. infantis, you can support their gut health and immune development and help set them on a course to better health. 


Designed for Health. Engineered for Quality.

Evivo Infant Probiotic contains only high-quality ingredients from reputable sources. Each lot is manufactured in the U.S. and passes multiple tests for quality, safety, and viability. Evivo has earned "Clean Label Project” and “First 1,000 Day Promise” certifications from the Clean Label Project. 

Evivo is manufactured using high-quality ingredients in an FDA-compliant, inspected, and regulated setting. Products are further protected by cold chain distribution and stored in a freezer until feeding. 

The Research Behind Evivo Infant Probiotic


Clinical research shows that B. infantis EVC001, the single powerful ingredient in Evivo, has a remarkable synergy with human milk that creates the system intended to nourish and help protect infants.

B. infantis EVC001 has a powerful synergy with human milk

B. infantis EVC001 helps transform human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) into organic molecules that human cells can absorb, providing more available nutrients. Without B. infantis EVC001, research published in mSphere and Frontiers in Pediatrics shows these HMOs, unabsorbed, go into the stool.  

B. infantis EVC001 helps support healthy immune function

B. infantis EVC001 converts HMOs into key signaling molecules called metabolites. Recent research published in Cell, shows these metabolites promote healthy gut function and help program immune cells to be tolerant instead of over-reactive 

Impact of B. infantis in Premature Infants

Research published in Frontiers in Pediatrics shows that preterm infants fed B. infantis EVC001 along with human milk as standard of care report lower levels of fecal proinflammatory cytokines and less antibiotic resistant genes in the microbiome. 

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