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Understanding human milk led to our discovery of B. infantis EVC001. The powerful single strain that matters for infants.

Home Use

Evivo Powder



A daily powder containing B. infantis EVC001, the bacterial strain shown to work with human milk to help establish a healthy gut microbiome, protect from potentially harmful bacteria, and help support immune function.

Hospital Use

Evivo with MCT Oil

evivo-vial-1 Ready-to-use, single serve liquid made specifically for NICU and Labor and Delivery use to help stabilize the infant gut against potential hospital acquired pathogens.

How Evivo Works with Human Milk to Help Support

Healthy Immune System Function




EVC001, a strain of B. infantis, only found in Evivo, uniquely utilizes human milk by capturing Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) providing more digestible nutrients for newborns.


B. infantis EVC001 then consumes HMOs to colonize in the gut and help protect baby from potential pathogens, some of which may be linked to inflammation.


Finally, B. infantis EVC001 converts HMOs into metabolites, key signaling molecules that help support healthy immune system function.

Loved by parents



Everything we wanted and more!

My baby was delivered via c-section and after dealing with multiple issues, including severe reflux, thrush, etc, we were desperate to find a probiotic that could give our baby the peace she needed... and we found that in Evivo! We saw a difference within two weeks, and now at 4 months, our baby girl is shining! Bye bye throw-ups after every feed, so long thrush... and helloooo strong, healthy, warrior child! Thank you, Evivo, for providing such a life-changing, quality product... our baby girl is shining because of you!

Jamie S.
United States
Life changing!

I can’t recommend Evivo enough! My baby was pooping 8-12 times a day and in terrible pain each time. He was gassy and fussy all day. It was taking all the joy out of being a new mom! Within 3 days of starting Evivo we started to see changes. Our baby was happier, had 3-4 stools a day, less gas, and he even slept better. This was a life changer for us! I recommend Evivo to all my friends with new babies and can’t thank the company enough for making this product. So, so happy my baby is no longer in pain, and we can enjoy life together!

Hannah L.
Complete game changer

Wow- I cannot recommend Evivo enough. It was a complete game changer for our baby who has had digestive issues since she was born. We tried 3 other pro/pre biotics before giving Evivo a try and although some of those helped, none worked like Evivo. One thing to note- it didn't kick in automatically for us. In fact the first 3 days baby was very fussy, so much so I almost stopped the drops thinking she was allergic to them. After talking to the support line and a doctor, I learned it was her body clearing out her system and gave it one more day. Absolute game changer. She started nursing better, sleeping better, and was overall a happier baby. Thank you Evivo!!

Brianne H.
This was life-changing for us

My poor baby had such bad colic, always uncomfortable and unsettled. Within 4 days of regular use everything changed. My baby is finally a happy baby! Additionally, his sleep schedule is much more regular and I’m getting a nice stretch of sleep! My baby doesn’t always love taking it with the dropper but it’s worth it, if I could go back my only change would be to take this sooner!

Tiffany O.

Designed for Health. Engineered for Quality.


High-quality nutritional products, Evivo in the Hospital and Evivo at Home are specially designated as a Food for Special Dietary Use, known as an FSDU. 

Evivo is Clean Label Project Certified

Clean Label Project is a national nonprofit committed to transparency in food and consumer product labeling. The organization runs lab tests on hundreds of products and awards those that surpass FDA regulations.  Evivo powder and Evivo with MCT oil passed the testing and received certifications for Clean Label Project and First 1,000 Day Promise.


Best-in-Class Product Standards

An important component in optimizing the benefits of human milk for newborn infants, Evivo products are designated as a food for special dietary use (CFR21 part 105) and is Generally Recognized as Safe, or GRAS for infant uses.  We maintain best-in-class standards for product testing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution: 

  • Third-party testing ensures CFU (colony forming unit) count and purity
  • Each manufacturing batch includes a Certificate of Conformance
  • All packaging is BPA free and protects Evivo from moisture, light and oxygen

What is GRAS?

Under the FDA and Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, there is a legal process on how to establish whether an ingredient meets a regulatory classification called “Generally Recognized as Safe” or commonly abbreviated GRAS can be marketed and sold in the US. A determination of GRAS for an ingredient within the food supply occurs when it generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use.


What is the regulatory approval process?

A convened panel of independent qualified experts evaluate the totality of evidence for an ingredients safe use, including clinical data, the way it is manufactured and how well it is characterized. The opinion statement generated and signed by the panel is a determination on whether the product is safe under the conditions of its intended use.  Once the opinion is signed the information may be submitted to a voluntary GRAS notification program, where FDA will respond on whether it agrees with the basis of the GRAS determination.

Hear from our team of healthcare professionals




Dr. Erin Qualter works to improve the health of all babies. Watch as she explains how Evivo pairs with human milk to create a protective environment in your baby’s GI tract, helping to support overall immune health.


The environment in your baby’s gut is training its immune system. Our immunologist, Bethany Henrick, Ph.D, shares the importance of nurturing your baby’s gut and how the good bacteria B. infantis EVC001, only available in Evivo, can help.


As a NICU nurse, Carrie McGuckin has seen the benefits of Evivo® first-hand. Watch as she shares her experience and the results other facilities are seeing. 

Jen B

Neonatologist Jennifer Bragg shares why she advocates for the regular use of EVC001 in all babies.


NICU Nurse Sandy Bradbury talks about Evivo®’s impact on babies from the start, helping to protect them from the inside out.

Start a conversation with your doctor


Which babies need Evivo?

All infants should naturally have B. infantis in their microbiomes as a natural process part of their development, but 90% of babies in the US no longer have due to high antibiotic use, and modern birthing and feeding practices. Evivo is recommended for all human or mix-fed (human milk + formula) babies. 

How does Evivo work with human milk?

Human milk is a marvel that provides your baby with the nutrients it needs.

One of these, a seemingly undigestible nutrient called Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), is key to healthy development.

Evivo contains one single strain—B. infantis EVC001—that facilitates HMO digestion, supporting your baby to healthy immune system function.

I’ve been told that breast milk is the only thing my baby needs. Why does my baby need Evivo?

Human milk has a bacterial partner that provides the necessary nutrients for your baby's growth and development.
One of these, a seemingly undigestible nutrient called Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), is key to healthy development. Evivo contains B. infantis EVC001, which facilitates HMO digestion, supporting your baby to healthy immune system function.
It is not uncommon for infants to lack the B. infantis bacteria in their gut microbiome. Evivo is a probiotic that aims to restore the natural state of the infant gut microbiome by introducing the B. infantis bacteria. This bacteria effectively utilizes HMOs in human milk that would otherwise go unused, ensuring that your baby receives more nutrients.

Find answers to your questions


We expect you to have questions—this is after all about the health of your baby. You can contact us directly at (844) 436-8486 and support@infinanthealth.com or search our FAQs for an answer.

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